The Extended Purple Book.

DECODED® Workshops take our high quality, easy to digest books and push the knowledge and application to a new level. Our workshops contain lectures that go beyond whats in print, additional information, and activities designed to help you hone your teams skills, make organizational improvements, and get a quick break from the office!

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What We Workshop

DECODED® 2 CFR 200.206 Risk and 2 CFR 200.208 Specific Conditions Workshop


In this workshop, we decode the complicated world of "Riskiness", help you learn to identify it, rank it, and use it to create best possible outcomes for current and future grantees.

DECODED® 2 CFR 200 Procurement Standards Workshop


Procurement is tricky. In this workshop, we decode the rules, laws, and regulations that govern the procurement process. This workshop is like getting a deluxe version of the book!

DECODED® Texas Charter School Finance


Attention Texas Charter School Charter holders, and anyone who wants have one: The rules for financial governance of your Charter are dense, complicated, and easy to trip over. We can help with that.

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